Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Going Going.... Gone!

I can't describe my feelings as I see my oldest son leave for his Mission, but I will try.  I am anxious, and yet proud. Overwhelmed and also at peace. I am nervous and hopeful. I am all of these things and more. I am anxious that he find his connecting flight and proud that he has chosen to do this. Overwhelmed because I wont see him for two years and I can't be there physically to help him. I am at peace because I trust Heavenly Father and know he will watch out for him. I am nervous for him. I want him to succeed, but know it is up to him if he succeeds or not. I am hopeful for his success. I know he can do this if he but turns to our Heavenly Father for help.  Lastly I am sooooo Happy. Happy for the Man he will be when he gets back. Happy knowing he can do this and that he is ready. Happy for this new stage in his life.
It was weird watching him go through security by himself, like a mother hen we all stood above and watched as he disappeared through the security check point.  We watched the line snake to the front occasionally loosing sight of him as he passed behind poles and people. We watched him place his carry on jacket and shoes on the conveyor and watched him walk through the glass tunnel. He was a ship passing past the horizon and we were on the shore waving it goodbye. We walked out to our car in silence with an emptiness in our car and our hearts.  This is our new normal. We can do this and so can he. He is awesome. If you heard his talk on Sunday you know he is ready.

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