Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pictures are always Good!!!!

Baptism of Reina she is in pink
The Herrera family, he's sec counselor, super cool family

With President Perez

Elders christensen, Ellsworth, Ellquist, Emerick, Richards, Sisters Nelson and Rentz

Reina's baptism, us with Hermano Vicente. He came out a lot to Dulce's house to teach. He is an awesome Dude!

Reina's Baptism

Elders Christensen, Ellsworth, Ellquist, Emerick, Richards and Sisters Nelson and Rentz

Jacob over the 4th of July!
Hola mi Familia,

Ok so to start out I'll answer some questions. Sometimes questions aren't getting answered because they are just written into the letter and I miss it. So that's it, haha I just miss them sometimes  Next, I only talked to you guys in Spanish one, because other missionaries don't have the privelege to 'talk' with their family members other than on Christmas and Mother's Day. 98% of missionaries have no family in their missions. I just thought it'd be a little unfair to be able to say something to you guys through a video via my cousin who lives down the road! hahaha Also I want to show you guys how much I've progressed in the language. I hope that this hasn't come off as that I don't want you guys knowing what I'm saying but simply showing you guys the work I've put in and how much Heavenly Father has blessed me to be able to understand and communicate with people that before I couldn't. Besides I'll be happy to translate them once I get back! hahaha 6 MONTHS!!!! Isn't that crazy?! I can't even believe it myself sometimes and it's a testimony to me that Heavenly Father WILL provide a way. ALWAYS.  Another thing, send packages to me earlier in the week so that they'll be there for me that Monday. Becasue ZL's pick up mail on Friday and deliver it on Monday. Probably because they don't want to make any missionaries trunky on a day that's not P-Day with a letter from their novia. Haha I'll be sure to tell you guys how I liked the package next week. I'll open it today when I recieve mail and tell you....From my NEW AREA! I'm getting transferred on Tuesday! And from what we think may happen I will either go to Escondido (Most probable), Vista, or Oceanside. Anyways whichever place it is there will be FAR MORE HISPANICS to talk to! So there's that, also we had our baptism on Saturday it was great. Elder Ellsworth baptized her and I gave a talk. The spirit was super strong there and right after it they went to the temple! Just outside but that was really cool to hear that! She couldn't get confirmed this Sunday but next week she will because she won't have to work then. I'll be sure to send the pictures. Speaking of which I have a ton to send! It's been a while since I've sent any but know I got a ton. Plus with my new area I'll have more the next couple of months to send. Anything else? Well I hope you have a good week! And if you have any more questions let me know!
Les quiero mucho!
Elder Emerick

Monday, July 20, 2015

She's getting Baptized!

Hola Familia,

It's been raining the past few days so that has been different. I've had to use my paragua a lot. Anyways Reina passed the baptismal interview and now she for sure will be baptized the 25th! I'll be sure to send some pictures as proof. She's so cool and it will be cool to see how the gospel will (and has been) changing her life. She has a lot of family in Mexico too so I'm sure she'll share the gospel with them too! (Your welcome missionaries in D.F.!) We've been pretty smart about using the car too. We have saved miles so that we can use more on certain days. We had a lesson with a new investigator this week and he's super Catholic (Like 75% of people we teach) but he was open enough to talk with us and have a return appointment in a week. I won't be around much longer in Temecula, only for 1 more week till I'll leave for somewhere else. So right now we're just preparing for the next transfer for Elder Ellsworth and his new companion. (Or new spanish Sister's if they pinkwash the area) We're seeing a lot of blessings from sharing the gospel with other people and inviting them to come unto Christ. Missionary work is cool and there are always people out there that are being prepared to receive the restored gospel. Well I'll be sure to send home more pictures soon, I haven't taken many more because I've taken most I think I can from the area. But when I get transferred I'll be sure to take plenty more! Well that's about it for me this week, hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Emerick
Jacob also shared with us that he will find out this Saturday his new area. So excited for him and know he will do fine with the change!

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Date for a Baptism

Que tal familia,

So this week one of our new investigators is getting baptized! The 24th of July, that's the last Saturday before I leave Temecula. Her name's Reina, I don't know if I told you about her but she's visiting from D.F. for 6 months with Hna Samperio and she's really liked church and everything about it! She's little by little gaining more and more of a testimony everyday we see her and everytime she comes to church. This week she said that they decided on the 24th for the date so that's awesome! I'll have to tell you more later because she still hasn't had her interview yet so it's not official but it looks like she'll be good! It was such a blessing to have her be introduced to the church and a blessing for us to be able to share the gospel. In other news I'm feeling a little under the weather. I've had a runny nose/cough for the past few days but hopefully it will pass soon. This month me and Elder Ellsworth have been smart with our money so we're not freaking out about not having money haha. I'm driving too, so that's been a little weird to do again. Some people in the branch told me yesterday that they're going to miss me when I leave, I guess they know that I'm gone soon. But it will be cool to meet new people and new missionaries. I have to take someone to the doctor's in a bit so I should be able to come back and write a little more later but I'm not sure. If I don't though have a great week!

Elder Emerick

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's hard and the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings happiness.

Buenos Buenos Dias,

Pues como estàn? This week was alright for us, we didn't have too many lessons but we picked up a new investigator so that was cool! We have some really cool people to teach over the next couple of weeks before I get transferred. It's not a sure thing but at the same time it is. I'll go to a more hispanic place next area so that will be good. One thing I've learned is that it's important to BE HAPPY! íSEÀ FELIZ! One of our members is always happy, he always is laughing and telling us jokes, just enjoying life. I like the quote from President Monson that says 'Find the joy in the Journey'. If we're constantly worrying or preoccupied with what other people think or do then we aren't going to enjoy life ourselves. That's one thing that I've seen the gospel help people. When they are focused on the gospel and nothing else, then they are happy and can help others enjoy the blessings of the gospel as well. Whenever Elder Ellworth and I would have a lessons fall through or an appointment we would express some disappointment but after we would just keep moving on and look forward. I am so thankful for the Evangelio en mi vida y por las bendiciones que tengo. (I hope you are picking up some words from my e-mails, I need someone to speak español with. Keep moving forward with a perfect brightness of hope, with a love of God, and of all men. Como dijo Hermano Vidal You...............................got it. 
Nos vemos pronto!

Elder Emerick

This week was a pretty good week! We have a new investigator named Reina and she is solid! She is such a great investigator, she's actually looking for the truth which is way better than trying to convince/invite someone to something else. Which is good! She's reading a ton and when asked to think of a prophet yesterday during church she said Jose Smith! It was soo cool to see that she's receiving an answer that he was a Prophet of God. In other news five Monday months stink! You have to split up the money for five days for groceries and it really helps you learn how to make money stretch! It's still hot here, and just to mix it up a bit there's a little bit of humidity as well! People are complaining saying, it's sooooo humid when it's like 10 percent humidity. I know better haha. We have a bike rack now from one of our members and it will definitely help us to save miles and our feet. Let's see my Spanish has increased a ton since being companions with Elder Ellsworth, he is always correcting my grammar, and helping me to understand different aspects of the language as well. I speak way better and understand what people are saying completely now. Last week I got a 4.5/5 on a Spanish test I took and that made me feel pretty good haha. I still need to work on learning some grammatical things but pretty much I got the main part of it. Ahora yo puedo hablar, expresar mis pensamientos y entiendo todo. Eso esta bien para mi como un misionero de Espanol pero tambien para mi como una persona. Fue pequito dificil desde el principio cuando empeze mi mision. Poco a poco es como aprendemos y yo se con Dios todo es posible especialmente por ellos que estan serviendole con todo du su corazon, fuerza, mente, y alma. Andale pues, no se mas que escribir. Gracias por todo! Espero que uds tengan una buena semana!

Now I can talk and express my thoughts and understand everything. That's good for me as a Missionary of Spanish, but also for me as a person.It was difficult for me as a person from the beginning when I started my mission. Gradually it is how we learn and are with God that all things are  possible especially for those who serve with all there heart, might,, mind and soul. And therefore not more to write.  Have a good day and week, thanks for everything!

Elder Emerick