Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, February 9, 2015

California Here I come

Hola Familia,
Este es la ultima carta antes soy en el campo! ( this is the last letter I’m sending before I go into the field) I´m very excited to get back to the states! Although, I´m going to miss Mexico a little bit. My comp and I are both going to the same mission so we will both be on the same exact flights. This week was great! TRC was last night and we met with a lady named Carlita. She was so nice, we talked for like 15 minutes just about stuff.  I guess our Spanish is getting good! My comp just got help from a psychiatrist here and they think that they found a med to help him and it has. Before, he couldn´t speak during lessons at all, but now he´s doing great. For our priesthood meeting this past week we had a lesson on the parable of the olive tree and it was so good. Presidente Torres said that because of the prayers of the prophets in the Book of Mormon the Lamanites were spared and because of that, they are now able to hear the restored gospel. He said it was very important to him because one, he is a ¨Lamanite¨ and two, that we all were going to preach the gospel to his people. It was so good. I said closing prayer for the Devotional on Tues night. It was in front of the whole CCM I didn´t know why I agreed to it haha. I finally got James´ tie at the Tienda today. John has a red one, and James has a greenish one. They´re nothing special but they´re from Mexico so that´s something. I got Kaitlynn a tag that says Futura Misionera haha she´ll probably wear it every Sunday.
Everyone´s learning Spanish, studying, teaching our daily lessons, and other stuff. I think that everyone is ready to get out in the campo ya. Our friends in our casa are going to Chile Concepcion, Quito Ecuador, and Peru. Most  of the people in my district are going to California though. I can´t wait to eat a real hamburger again.
Sorry for making my last letter short, tell President Hark that it won´t happen again haha.. I got some money out of my account from an ATM here. I got about 200 pesos which is like $16.
We have played so much volleyball here it’s not even funny. But it’s so fun to be able to play with the whole district. My night teacher (used to be fake investigator Fernando but who really is Hermano Chan) is a Patriot fan and he was so excited when the Pats won the Super Bowl. Spring training is coming up soon so if you guys could e-mail me a little info every week about the Bucs that would be awesome. Hermano Chan also likes Real Madrid so I tease him about how I think that Barcelona is better haha
The weather has been perfect the past couple weeks. We haven´t gotten much precipitation and I only need to wear my sweater in the mornings when it’s a little chilly. I´m not looking forward to having to pack again but I can´t wait to back to the States. Apparently Lord of the Rings is pretty big with Mormons, so we have been arguing about which is better, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I´m a little outnumbered.
I have not received any mail at all here, so I haven´t received your letters. Not much else to talk about but I hope this is sufficient for an e´-mail. Hasta Proximo Lunes!

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