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Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, February 23, 2015

California Dreams 2

This week was great! I have a lot to say in this letter so I hope I can get it all down. First watch the movie Meet the Mormons! It's great and I know you guys will love it. We watched it as our Sunday video for our last Sunday at the CCM. It was amazing. Second, listen to the song Glorious, the one by David Archuleta is a great version  and it reminds me of the CCM. I almost started crying in the car when the song came on, when I was on exchanges with the Zone leaders because I just felt the Spirit so strong and it brought back great memories of my friends back at the CCM. It's awesome.
Jeff's text; We were getting ready to have dinner with Hma Caravaca when I saw a text from an 814 number on our phone. I almost screamed. As soon as I saw that area code I knew it was a family member. haha I told my comp about how Jeff and Sheena live in this mission and now I know that they live in Temecula. We cover the north part of Temecula in our work but we can go to any part in our zone, which is Temecula, for Dinners. We called the Mission President and he told us it was all good, and to just treat them like any other member. I'm not sure when Temecula ward goes to church or where exactly but Santa Margarita goes in the morning and some people don't go til like 2. But yeah that was cool. Our dinners for this upcoming month are almost set though so we might have to do a lunch or something .
 Next: last night we were knocking on doors and we went through like 10 doors of people just telling us to go away or that they weren't interested. It was raining pretty good too . Well we went up to this one house and this guy opens the door, says what can I do for you Gentleman? We told him who we were and what we do, after that he invited us in because it was raining. We sat down and he asked us if we wanted a hot Drink like Coffee because it was cold and rainy. We told him about how we don't drink coffee (and at this point I'm a little scared because I thought he just wanted to bash with us.) But instead he deeply apologized for it and said he didn't know and that he has always been interested about religions. He told us about his wife being all these different religions and about Trinidad and Tobago where she's from. So to make a  long story short they were awesome and we had a great talk, they thought we were awesome and just all this stuff. I can't fit everything into this e-mail but it was great, 
and I said 'I love you Heavenly Father!!, as we sat out in the rain, with the umbrella that they gave us, writing down their address for a referral.
In other news, I went to In and Out for the first time with Elder Shock the Zone leader on splits. I told my comp though that I still hadn't been so that he would take us out again. But after our District conference he found out that I lied because Elder Shock told him that we did haha. But it's pretty good.
I think its awesome. In our lessons we've had a lot with this guy named Julian. He talks really fast so at times I understand only 75% of what he says but (he's a RC) he says when I talk its corto y fuerza. Short and strong or powerful. So that always makes me feel good when he says that I'm still learning and have a ton left to learn but I know I'll get there. We got 3 new investigators this week all through missionary efforts so we've been working pretty hard. I know that he will bless me in my efforts. I am so thankful for this opportunity.I hope you have a great week!

Elder Emerick

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