Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hungering for the Spirit

Que tal Familia,

First the n in ano needs to have an ~ but I can't do it on this computer, Chale. Anyways my dead year is over! The year in which you haven't seen me at all is done. You never were around me when I was 19 but when I'm 20 in a few weeks, we'll see eachother, hence the dead year is done! It's weird to be over halfway done.I remember when I was thinking wow I'm 1/24ths of the way done! But now I really am half way done. As far as stuff going on here, we are going to have transfer calls this weekend. But now we aren't going t have transfer meetings. This isn't anything new because lots of missions don't have them. But we'll see how it goes. I'm excited to see what happens! I could go back to Escondido, go to Vista, or stay here! But you never know, it'll be interesting. We had a really cool lesson this week! The spirit was super strong from the beginning to the end. We taught a less active Part member family that hasn't been to church in over 12 years. They told us how they hungered for the spirit back in their lives, to be more united as a family. They really want there daughter to learn more about the gospel, and the husband who's not a member wants to learn more as well. So we'll see how things go with the Reyes family! For the New Year we just hung out with the YSA Elders that live next to us and just waited till the clock hit 12:00. It was pretty cool. We had to be indoors by 6:00 so we didn't do too much that day. I didn't eat pork and sauerkraut because latin people don't even know what that is jaja, we ate Tamales! I've worn my jacket and it's just what I needed. It'll be great when it rains and stuff, fits fine too. Since I've been wearing it, it's been pretty chilly at the night time. I'll close off by telling about our lesson in Gospel Principles class. Hno Flor gave a great class about the Priesthood. He told us that authority comes from God and through Jesus Christ, which we all knew. But that the Power is through us. It took everyone to get what he was saying but it finally made sense to me. WE have the power. If we are WORTHY we can do anything through them who give us authority. That's why Jesus was able to perform all that he did. The power was in him, so much greater so because he was perfect. Just imagine if we were all perfect, and the things we will do when we are. Everyone has the power of the Priesthood, we just need to be able to exercise it. I thought that was a pretty cool way of looking at it. Anyways I'll see if I have any pictures to send. Les Quiero!

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