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Jacob Emerick
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A new President and a Temple Trip

Hola Familia,

So I'm training. It's going to be a new experience because I haven't had a companion so young because we haven't received many new spanish Elders since I've been on the mission. Or pretty much all the missionaries have been out like 2-4 months less than me. So it will be new to teach someone how to be a missionary. Also PRESIDENTE THOMAS HA LLEGADO!!!! He is soooooo cooool!!!!!! He came in on Friday and then he interviewed me personally on Saturday because I'm training. He did the interview in spanish too! He's such an awesome guy, he can laugh, have fun, and has a great testimony and understanding of the church and culture. He visited our ward for sacrament meeting for his first one in the mission and he AND HIS WIFE bore their testimonies in Spanish. He literally has been an answer to my prayers for guidance and leadership for us. We also got to go to the temple and it was good as always. It was a session that I hadn't seen before so it was interesting. Elder Wockenfuss is getting transferred and will be going to Carlsbad. There will only be 2 companionship's of spanish missionaries in the Vista Ward and the Oceanside Ward. So We'll cover half the stake which is super weird, we'll have a ton of work to do. Likewise with Elder Wockenfuss, they'll cover half of Carlsbad and Oceanside. Yesterday was the 4th of July and we had hamburgers and hot dogs! It's funny to see everyone dressed up like white guys. Backwards baseball hats, shirts with patriotic things on them, listening to Sweet Home Alabama and stuff like that. They understand the importance of it and are indeed very thankful as much as we are (If maybe not a little more) that we have a country that doesn't have as many problems as others. In Oaxaca Mexico right now there's a large disturbance and riots about education. Teachers are fighting for rights against the government and there is a huge uprising. Lots of people are being killed. We think that our government and nation is in a crisis, and in a sense it certainty is. BUT we are way better off than other places, for that we should be thankful! One member gave us homemade hamburgers with bacon and pineapple on it and it was SUPER GOOD. You should try that combination because it was surprisingly good.  It appears as if we will have success this transfer not only because of the area we're inheriting but also all the work we'll be able to do. I have no idea about Ipads. We won't know about any big mission changes or there won't be any till President Thomas gets accustomed to being a mission President. Poor Sister Thomas she seemed a little overwhelmed at the beginning because we were talking to her before I went in for the interview and she was talking about the full day and everything. They'll get used to it soon. jaja Well I'll get to sending some pictures. I hope you all have a good week!!

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