Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, March 2, 2015

California Temecula Dreams 3

Sheena, Jacob and Jackson.
Jacob and Companion teaching Sheena's family

Scenery in Temecula

Esta Semana encontramos como 6 investigadoras nuevas! Lo fue loco!  (We had 6 new investigators this week that is CRAZY) The people here are very receptive and kind. We'll see, I guess
how they progress. This past week I went on splits with the District leader's comp. Good thing it was his second transfer in the field or we both would have been greenies (brand new at being a Missionary). But we still both pretty much were. They are in a walking area so we walked like 9 miles that day, I'm not exactly used to walking that much yet so me legs and feet hurt pretty bad haha. But it was good, and they are both great missionaries. We didn't have a dinner apt for Saturday so we text-ed Sheena and asked if we could come over and she said yes so we went! It was great seeing them, they are such great church members and family members. I promise I didn't get trunky ( home sick) at all haha. We shared a message about faith and bringing things to pass little by little (Alma 37:6-7 which is one of my favorite scriptures).T Otra vez, mi espanol necesita mucho trabajo pero estoy aprendiendo poco a poco y puedo entender casi todo de que las personas dicen.(Again my Spanish needs a lot of work, but I'm learning slowly, and I can understand almost everything that people say)
the grammar will come and the regular conversational Spanish will come as well. I have deeply appreciated all the e-mails I've received from family. Thank you to everyone! As far as street contacts go we've had some crazy ones! Guys swearing, people bashing, not very many but some, and then just people who ignore us or at the beginning shut us down. As the 2nd counselor of our Branch said with us yesterday, when people say they are fine, they almost always aren't. Everyone in our branch has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I am so thankful for the Perez's, Pinedas, Hererras, Beltrans, Morgans, all of them. You can definitely feel their spirit as they bore their testimonies this past Fast Sunday. I love this culture, everything about it. I'm kind of jealous of Kelsey because she's fully immersed in it, but I can't complain about the Bathroom I have. haha Well last thing is I guess is did you guys get my package yet? I sent it last week? It has a bunch of stuff I got at Mexico for you guys, pins, ties, key chains, I hope you guys like them. I'll send you some pictures and then that will be it for this week. Tenga una buena semana familia!

Elder Emerick  

This  second  letter is to me I thought I would share it as you can see how his testimony has grown.
Si yo tengo suffieciente para comer y pagar por comida. Thanks again for the package that you sent me! The work here is nuts! We found like 6 new investigators this week! A lot of people, especially the Latin people are so open and nice. The one family that we found said that they recognized us as messengers from God so that was pretty crazy. We'll see if they are sincere about finding the truth. My trainer and everyone we live with are awesome. We probably work a little harder than them but they are good missionaries too. I've really had my eyes opened to how the Lord can use you as a tool for his work. This week we met up with one of our investigators from before and we talked with him. We wanted to teach him about the Plan of Salvation but we kept getting of topic. So as we were talking about some random thing I thought to myself, how can we can get to talk to this guy about the gospel? (He's a little spiritual but he's had a rough life with Jail, gangs, drugs, and what not) So I'm thinking to myself and the thought comes to my mind to tell him our purpose. And then I'm thinking DUH its one of the points that we've been talking about (my comp and I that we needed to tell him in our studies) and we had it as a focus in Zone training that day. So I told him about why as missionaries we are here and what our purpose is, and that really stuck with him. We ended up having a long discussion about baptism and God's commandments. We challenged him to be baptized (like always) and he said he would, but their might be some things keeping him from it. So we need to work a little more with that. But it was such a strengthening of my testimony that God will help us and tell us what we need to say in the very moment that we need it. (D&C 84:85-88) So that was something that was good in our week, I hope you share that on the blog. Keep enjoying the weather! Y que Tenga buena semana madre!

Elder Emerick

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  1. I love Jacob's letters. He has jumped in feet first and swimming the marathon. What a great missionary!!! He already has such a love for those he teaches. Thanks for posting his letters.