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Jacob Emerick
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Belly button hurts

Hola Famila!

Lo siento por mis cartas que son bien cortas. Estoy aprendiendo como escribir todas las cosas que necesito poner en mis cartas a ustedes. Pero voy a tratar para escribir mucho mas! (Sorry my letters are rather short, I am still learning how to write letters and what to put in my letters to you) I will try to write more.

So how is everyone doing? Busy, Busy, Busy here in Sudo California. We are starting to feel the toll of having the entire zone to us for Spanish work but we're still progressing! The hardest part is just planning how we're going to drive from one place to the other in time and still have time for an appointment. But we are working hard!

We have about 4-5 people who are solid investigators but we still have to help them overcome a couple of things.  From helping people to have the faith to move to another place away from their crazy girlfriend, to  helping someone have the courage to ask her husband to come to church, or just simply helping gain/re-find that testimony they need.

Yesterday we got a call from one of the members who told us that her nieta (Granddaughter) wanted to talk with us. So we went up and had a little lesson. It was on God wanting to help us in this life and the Atonement. The spirit was really strong but I wasn't sure if she was getting all of it/understanding it. (She's 14 and a member but hasn't been to church or really had a testimony) So at the end we asked her to say a prayer and she told us she couldn't. But all three of us me, my comp, and Julian offered prayers before her to give her an example. After all our prayers she did pray. It was a simple prayer and short, but after she said In the name of Jesus Christ, amen, the spirit was so strong in that room. In fact she immediately started to cry, she cried for about 5 min. I knew that the spirit was working on her and as she pondered about that short prayer she let the spirit in her. I don't know if she has ever felt like that before. So before we went to say goodbye we went into the other room and the Grandma asked us how it went. She asked me 'how is she?' I said we felt the Spirit. She paused for a moment looked at me, nodded, almost to tears, and said 'que bueno.'  What good. She was thankful that we could help her nieta feel the spirit and perhaps start to bring her Grand- daughter to feel the love of Heavenly Father and I know that because of that she can pick herself back up and keep trying.

 In other news, the Spanish is going pretty good! There are times when I understand perfectly and then there are times when I think 'What the heck are they saying.' Haha I think I may be eating a little too much. I have been starting to feel pain in my bellybutton. Elder Stevens said if you eat too much, or have your stomach distended too much from eating you can stretch it a little and make it hurt! I never in my life had had this but because of these Latin people putting 4 servings of food on my plate at once I may be getting pain in my bellybutton. We had a district meeting Tuesday and we used little kid tables and chairs because in the Sky Cannon building they're very strict about their stuff and we need a key to use them. After the meeting we went to cici's pizza. Later that night at a member’s house, (THE BRANCH PRESIDENT'S) we had tortas for dinner. I took one bite of it and went to the bathroom, threw up all of my lunch. I didn't make much of a mess, and went back out to finish the sandwich! She even gave us eaticate to take home (leftovers).

 Also we had our quarterly interviews with President Kendrick and I asked him what do I tell all these people who ask me  where I'm going after I die?(the Mormons) Should I say I'm not sure how we're going to be judged or start explaining what we believe about death and the degrees of Glory or what? He told me 'Sure! Just tell them you're going to heaven Elder Emerick because you are! You are going to heaven Elder Emerick!'And then invite them to find out for themselves. He's a great leader and I'm so thankful to have him as a Mission President. Entonces yo espero que usds les gusta esta carta y tambien voy a mandar muchos fotos! Gracias a ustedes y tenga una buena semana! (I hope you like this letter. I am sending lots of pictures. Thank you and have a good week.)

Elder Emerick

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