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Jacob Emerick
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Monday, April 13, 2015

A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying

April 6,2015

Hola Familia,
Lots of things happened so I'll get straight to it. First in our first District meeting with our new district, (It’s all in Spanish) we had a discussion that was led by me about Prayer and how we can help investigators receive answers to their prayers. Everyone told me that it was a really good discussion! So that was good. We went on exchanges after and it was the first time I had the area without my Trainer because he went to the other area, but we had a good day set some good things up and overall learned a bunch! Well that night, we had a lesson with our investigator BUT she brought a friend from work. She told us before in a text about him and he is in a bad spot right now. She told us that he had contemplated suicide and that he she wanted us to offer some help with the lesson. Well it was me and the comp that was with me during the exchange, basically I met him and I could tell he wasn't doing very good right now. So I felt a strong impression to solely talk about Heavenly Father. I told him that yes there was a God out there and YOU ARE HIS SON. YOU ARE HIS SON and he loves YOU! I could definitely feel the spirit and knew that I was being directed by the Holy Ghost. In the end we asked him to ask in Prayer if there was a God and he said he would. I don't know if I'll see him again or anything but this I do know. That he felt the Spirit, he felt that comfort and peace because I felt it, I knew it. I told Dulce, (our investigator) that I'm no professional but I knew that I was helped in that situation. Miguel Enciso was at church for conference yesterday he is scheduled to be baptized this week but we'll see what happens, he is really progressing. We met up again, a miracle again, with the Sanie family (at least the mom) remember the family we met at Farmer Boys while we were going to the Bathroom? Well we scheduled a dinner apt tonight so we'll see if that falls through, but they're really exciting Less Actives too! We almost always take Julian with us now he has such a great testimony and is so funny haha. General Conference was great! I loved Elder Redlund's talk about A Saint is a sinner who keeps on trying. That was a great talk I thought. Spanish is so so. Everyone is already saying that I have the gift of tongues and all but I'm still learning, I can understand 90% now, I think but I need to keep working on Talking! Well, that about sums up this week. It was a good one but we got to keep working! Tenga una buena semana todo!

Elder Emerick

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