Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, June 8, 2015

6 Months Strong

San Diego Temple
         Things in my life have been moving fast, but I wanted to write a few things that have been on my mind, as I have been keeping this blog for Jacob. First I can't believe he has been out 6 months and has grown so much.  He has learned the language quickly and this has been such a blessing for him, and our family. God is certainly Good and has taken care of us and him as our family has tried to follow what He our Father has asked of us. As we have shared Jacob's adventures, many have been super curious and we welcome that curiosity. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have experience true and everlasting happiness by keeping the commandments and putting our family first. We welcome any and all questions about this adventure and Jacob's decision to spend two years of his life, serving His Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He is loving serving the Spanish Speaking people of Carlsbad California. He has developed strong friendships with people who have the same ideals, goals and standards in life. He is discovering what he is capable of, he is learning to put his trust in our Heavenly Father, and he is becoming the man that our Heavenly Father means for him to be.

June 8,2015
Hola Familia,

Dulce, Jacob Her Grandson and other Missionaries

We had a baptism this week yea! Dulce is my first convert on my mission! I could definitely see the change that the gospel has made in her life and will continue to make. How's everything back home? We are tired all the time!!!! Biking has taken a toll on us this past week so we did a lot of walking and bus riding. Also the members are kind enough to give rides too. We actually had a Less active member come out with us to proselyte! It was cool. Before our baptism we had Seventh Day Adventists come and talk to us (They were missionaries too). We were about to 'answer' their questions but right before Pres Perez called us for our ride to the baptism haha. Also we went to the temple in San Diego this week too! It's soo cool, maybe not as cool as D.C. but its pretty awesome. Anyways the Sanie were at church again and they had their records moved over to the Branch too! Other missionaries have told us that the members from our branch they talk to have nothing but great things to say about us. Needless to say the members are awesome, they help us out so much and if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be able to do anything. After all the best way to find is through members! Haha I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to go to the temple. It helps you to let go of worldly things and just feel at peace for a few hours. It really helps one to recuperate after lots of work. Everyone should make it a goal to go to the temple at least 1 a month. Because you aren't just blessing your life but the lives of others when you do work in the temple. I'm so grateful I was able to embark on this journey and help other people change their lives! Hope you all have a great week!

Church of Christ Church. It is a Philippine Tagalog speaking. Not of our faith.
Elder Emerick 

June 1, 2015
Hola Familia!

Como han estado? Necesito mas poder! No puedo usar mis piernas algo mas! jaja Biking all day is fun, but if you're a missionary it's tough sometimes because you want to get to certain areas and have the freedom of a car but you just have to keep going! Yesterday we had church, walked to dinner, had dinner, and walked home! Easy day! haha Anyways we are having a baptism for sure this Saturday! Yay! First convert! Dulce has come a long way since I first met her she has grown in so many ways! Also the Ben got clearance from the Branch President Perez and he will baptize his son Bijan! Yea! Second Convert! I feel like all that hard work and talking to people and hard beginning to my mission really payed off as now we are starting to see some results of nuestros trabajos! I got a ton of groceries today and I also am thinking of starting to eat salad more because when I ate a salad after I got back from a rough day of biking I just felt awesome while I was eating it. Anyways that's going to be awesome! The members are supporting us well and giving us transportation if we need it. I'm getting so tan here it's not even funny my arms are golden brown. But yeah, we're still meeting with people helping people out and dieing at the same time in this heat! It was sad to hear about Elder Perry. He was a good apostle. I can't believe it's already Junio! The time is moving! Transfers are in a couple weeks but I don't think I'm going yet, we'll see. Anyways hope you all are doing good! Que les vayan bien!

Elder Emerick

May 26, 2015

Hola Familia,

Jacob after a long day biking.
Como les va? So we don't have a car now. Yep we're biking all over Temecula and there are so many stinking hills it makes those bike trips with the youth child's play. So needless to say I'll be in shape when I get back because over half the day of being a missionary now is exercising! Ha ha Dulce and Bijan are super close to baptism and we should have my first convert baptisms soon! Yea! I sort of inherited Dulce but I've taught her over half of her lessons. What else, we bike a ton, now I can eat like the members want me too because I'm burning so many calories in a day. I weigh 150 pounds more or less now so I've gained weight but I hope to make most of it muscle from now on. Same old with me, we go out teach people and come back and sleep. We didn't have too many lessons this week because now it will take us so long to get to and from our lessons. We did have a really good lesson with Dulce about baptism, and things like that. I hope that I can continue to progress in the language. I've got a ton of grammar down now and I need to expand my vocabulary a little bit. It's easier to communicate than it is to think of stuff to say but I'm working on it. We are super tired now all the time but at least that means we are working hard. I am thankful for all the members here, they are awesome and help us so much. Yesterday a member gave us and our bikes a ride back from his house because it's over an hour bike ride back from his house. Me and my companion are getting along fine too. We teach well and work well together. I need to take more pictures, I'll get a camera battery charger today I hope. Well that's about it for me right now, Have a great week!

Elder Emerick

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