Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's HoT HoT HoT

Hola Familia!

It's hot? Ha it's really hot out here. Especially riding bikes for like 2 hours in the Mid-Day heat and sun. The good news is though that we got a car now! We still have limited miles but it's better than nothing! We'll just have to plan out really well where we want to go and everything like that. As far as work goes we worked a lot on finding this week. We got 3 new investigators this week! Hopefully they'll have some potential for baptism! The members helped us out a ton with that and they work really hard too. It's supposed to be super hot here again this week ugh. But at least we have the car now. We don't have our Spanish zone anymore we're back into the Temecula English Zone which is alright too. Dulce and Blanca got to go to the temple for the first time this week! They said that the peace that they felt there was so strong and powerful. It makes me want to go back again. Try to get to the temple as much as you can! As far as if you want to send me anything, giftcards and ties are about it. There is 5 P-Days in the month so that means money will be getting a little tight for us as missionaries. We get tons of stuff to eat from members though so don't feel bad for us. haha Other than that not much other stuff to talk about. We are fine, no sickness, our health is good. We should be setting a baptismal date with Bijan here soon so I hope all goes well there. Well that's it! Have a great week! Les quiero mucho! (The way to say love you in a familiar way is to say te quiero! If you say te amo you usually save that for like your wife or something haha)

Hasta Luego!

Elder Emerick

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