Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pictures are always Good!!!!

Baptism of Reina she is in pink
The Herrera family, he's sec counselor, super cool family

With President Perez

Elders christensen, Ellsworth, Ellquist, Emerick, Richards, Sisters Nelson and Rentz

Reina's baptism, us with Hermano Vicente. He came out a lot to Dulce's house to teach. He is an awesome Dude!

Reina's Baptism

Elders Christensen, Ellsworth, Ellquist, Emerick, Richards and Sisters Nelson and Rentz

Jacob over the 4th of July!
Hola mi Familia,

Ok so to start out I'll answer some questions. Sometimes questions aren't getting answered because they are just written into the letter and I miss it. So that's it, haha I just miss them sometimes  Next, I only talked to you guys in Spanish one, because other missionaries don't have the privelege to 'talk' with their family members other than on Christmas and Mother's Day. 98% of missionaries have no family in their missions. I just thought it'd be a little unfair to be able to say something to you guys through a video via my cousin who lives down the road! hahaha Also I want to show you guys how much I've progressed in the language. I hope that this hasn't come off as that I don't want you guys knowing what I'm saying but simply showing you guys the work I've put in and how much Heavenly Father has blessed me to be able to understand and communicate with people that before I couldn't. Besides I'll be happy to translate them once I get back! hahaha 6 MONTHS!!!! Isn't that crazy?! I can't even believe it myself sometimes and it's a testimony to me that Heavenly Father WILL provide a way. ALWAYS.  Another thing, send packages to me earlier in the week so that they'll be there for me that Monday. Becasue ZL's pick up mail on Friday and deliver it on Monday. Probably because they don't want to make any missionaries trunky on a day that's not P-Day with a letter from their novia. Haha I'll be sure to tell you guys how I liked the package next week. I'll open it today when I recieve mail and tell you....From my NEW AREA! I'm getting transferred on Tuesday! And from what we think may happen I will either go to Escondido (Most probable), Vista, or Oceanside. Anyways whichever place it is there will be FAR MORE HISPANICS to talk to! So there's that, also we had our baptism on Saturday it was great. Elder Ellsworth baptized her and I gave a talk. The spirit was super strong there and right after it they went to the temple! Just outside but that was really cool to hear that! She couldn't get confirmed this Sunday but next week she will because she won't have to work then. I'll be sure to send the pictures. Speaking of which I have a ton to send! It's been a while since I've sent any but know I got a ton. Plus with my new area I'll have more the next couple of months to send. Anything else? Well I hope you have a good week! And if you have any more questions let me know!
Les quiero mucho!
Elder Emerick

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