Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Date for a Baptism

Que tal familia,

So this week one of our new investigators is getting baptized! The 24th of July, that's the last Saturday before I leave Temecula. Her name's Reina, I don't know if I told you about her but she's visiting from D.F. for 6 months with Hna Samperio and she's really liked church and everything about it! She's little by little gaining more and more of a testimony everyday we see her and everytime she comes to church. This week she said that they decided on the 24th for the date so that's awesome! I'll have to tell you more later because she still hasn't had her interview yet so it's not official but it looks like she'll be good! It was such a blessing to have her be introduced to the church and a blessing for us to be able to share the gospel. In other news I'm feeling a little under the weather. I've had a runny nose/cough for the past few days but hopefully it will pass soon. This month me and Elder Ellsworth have been smart with our money so we're not freaking out about not having money haha. I'm driving too, so that's been a little weird to do again. Some people in the branch told me yesterday that they're going to miss me when I leave, I guess they know that I'm gone soon. But it will be cool to meet new people and new missionaries. I have to take someone to the doctor's in a bit so I should be able to come back and write a little more later but I'm not sure. If I don't though have a great week!

Elder Emerick

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