Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Friday, September 18, 2015

Now there are three

Hola familia,
So you can probably tell from my subject that Elder Banana is our new companion. It's cool to have a Filipino companion like Dad had. haha He moved to New York 5 years ago and his Mom is a convert to the church. No, Dad didn't baptize them. She's been a members since before Dad was born I think. I didn't see a lady with a camera at Transfers. Ha the thing about Spanish missionaries and English Missionaries... I guess you could say that we kind of keep to ourselves. In Temecula we always were around English missionaries, but here in Esco we just mainly stick to Spanish. There is about the same if not more Spanish missionaries here in Esco than English missionaries. There was a little Spanish Pride before I got here because both the AP's at the time were spanish missionaries. Now we have one and one and the one that is a Spanish missionary has been in English work for the most of his mission. Whenever a Spanish Missionary gets put into English work we call it 'Outer Darkness'. And it's probably the worst possible thing that can happen to a Spanish missionary, especially if they don't come back. haha Usually it happens when they get put into leadership like a Zone Leader or AP. For example, Elder Smith, the best white Spanish missionary in the mission was made Zone Leader of San Marcos. Outer Darkness. For the most part though we do associate with all the missionaries. One of the Sisters that came in with me, her name is Sister Bradley, I think? Apparently her Dad is a SUPER famous basketball player and was in Space Jam. I don't know if Dad would know who I'm talking about but that's what everyone says. We had a very nice, spiritual lesson with the Nieto this week. The Salvador family accompanied us to the lesson and it was very good. She's down to 1 small cup of coffee a day. So that's some progress. She told us that she's going to try to continue to lower it to one every other day and so on. Their Son Geo is helping them a lot. Ha something funny that happened was Elder Banana was giving himself a haircut yesterday while Elder Schooff was collecting numbers over the phone from the other missionaries. He said that he messed up so he just had to cut all his hair down to a 2. So know he has super short hair like me and Elder Schooff. I'll take a picture to show you all how short our hair is. Everyone is talking about 'El Nino' which means the boy in Spanish. What they're talking about is a huge storm that's supposed to be coming soon in Sept. Have you guys heard of some hurricane or something that's supposed to come soon? So now every time we see like a small little cloud we joke together and say El Nino!!!! Haha It's soooo hot here. I'm going to miss not seeing snow for another whole year. Isn't that crazy? Another year or so and I'll be done. Don't worry though I'm not getting trunky yet. Well I hope everyone has a great week!
Les quiero!

Elder Emerick

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