Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, August 31, 2015

Prayer works

 Just a note our family started praying for the Nieto family. We have been praying that they would come to church last week. This week we are praying that Sis. Nieto will try to give up coffee and commit to living the word of wisdom. It is so fun to feel part of our sons mission in this way. I love prayer. Many blessings come from prayer and our Heavenly Father does hear and answer them. 
Karen Emerick Jacob's MOM
Hola Familia,
How are you guys? This week was pretty sweet! One of our investigators made it to Stake Conference! It was so cool to hear about her going! Also transfer calls are this week. We think Elder Schooff might be leaving but we'll see! The member's are continuing to feed us all the time. I love it! Spanish work is the best! I always say to myself that if I was called to English work I don't know what I'd do! haha It's just so fun to learn a new language and eat all the time! I love Escondido, there are so many people to talk to and meet! We are always meeting with new people and have stuff to do. Almost half of the people here are Hispanic! The people are very poor but also very open and loving. I hope that we can help Radolfo and Gloria Nieto make it to church again this week! I'm sure that if they continue to read the Book of Mormon and come to church that they'll be baptized soon! How's the weather back home? It's still SUPER HOT like atleast 100 degrees everyday! I think they said that the heat should go down a little this week! I hope that you all continue to look for ways to share the gospel! There are so many blessings in that. Have a great week! Love You all!

Elder Emerick

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