Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, September 28, 2015

short and sweet


Title says 'Dang sister!' Holy Cow Kaitlynn broke her freaking arm!? That's crazy, you guys had a pretty full week! This week we went on a bunch of exchanges, one with another set of Elders in our district, and then with the ZL. We didn't get to meet with the Nieto much because they had work and other things to do. On Sat they went to Tijuana to have their son get a physical as well as other things. He's probably going to leave on a mission. Well my best friend in California is probably Julian. He's from Temecula and he's super funny. I like to eat cereal for breakfast, my favorite meal for dinner and lunch is carne asada. Elder Banana is from Makati, right next to Quezon City. He lived there until he was in 7th grade and he moved to New York when he was 12 or something like that. They speak Tagalog at home. Some things he liked back from the Philippines are Isaw (chicken intestines) squid/fish balls from venders, suishi, spaghetti from McDonalds, Burger steak from McD, Show Mai and Show pow, are also foods that he told me about. Conference this week! Somethings that have helped me on my mission, are having questions going into conference. During the conference you will have them answered if you listen closely to the talks. Dang, I need to take some more pictures I haven't taken some in a while, I'll sure to send some more next week. Hopefully we can find more people this week, we're looking for some new investigators. Well have a great week everyone!

Elder Emerick

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