Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
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Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference, bunnies, and chapulines

Hola todos,

So the title says, general conference, bunnies, and chapulines.(I'll let you google that last one) I'll get more into that later. So General Conference was good, I love it on my mission. It's better than the World Cup! haha maybe not that far. But I love it! I love to hear from our apostles and prophets hoy en dia! Going back to the bunny, Radolfo and Gloria came to conference sunday morn with us. When we invited them on Friday, she gave me and my companions gifts. They were glass bunnys that were containers for tie cllips, cufflings, etc. The thing is, we don't wear tie clips in our mission, so we can't wear them when we're out and about! So we'll have to carry them with us and when we knock on their door slip them on. haha The tie clip is a sign that's on every temple, it's the sign of melchezedek. I'll send a picture. On Saturday though we went to a Oaxaquena restaurant that made Chapulines. I ate one, so now I can say on my mission I ate chapulines. I didn't really like it, It's not that it was gross I just didn't really like it. Elder Banana ate a ton but then got an allergic reaction to it. After the men's session we got him benedrill and then when we got back to the apartment he got sick so we just stayed in after. Good thing too, because he threw them all back up. I'll just tell you that chapulines don't dissolve in stomach acid. But all in all the restaurant was really good! I sent a ton of pictures so I hope you like them. Some are of the Yellow Deli restaurant, they remind me of the amish back home. Scenes from Valley Center which is the largest proselyting area in the mission, it's giant! Also pictures from the Oaxaquenan restaurant. Enjoy them and have a great week!

Elder Emerick

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