Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, November 23, 2015

Generosity of Members

Queibole Familia,

So today we get a half P-Day till 1, which means we get to e-mail! We will also have a P-Day on Thanksgiving, we might come back for e-mailing again. I'm not sure. But anyways this week was an alright week for us. Our area as it is right now doesn't have much going for it. We have some potential people to work with, but nothing too solid right now. The title says Day of the Turkey or it may be Turkey. (Guajolote is another word for Turkey in Mexico, they have a lot of names for it in Spanish) Oceanside is pretty cold compared to the rest of the areas I've served in. Where I'm located/our area isn't too hispanic. There are a lot of white people haha. I think I took for granted Escondido at times, because you could walk outside and there be hispanics everywhere. Here there's fewer and further between talking with hispanic people. We'll see what transfers brings in a week. This Saturday we'll find out who's getting moved out and if there are any changes in areas and stuff like that. All in All I like Oceanside, it has nice weather, good members, and its a good city. Right now there just isn't too much work to do. This week we were having dinner at the Vargas' and I got salsa all over my shirt. Hermana Vargas quickly ran to her room and brought me one of her husbands shirts. It was funny at the time because I thought everyone was making a big deal about it but it was good. I washed my shirt when I got home and it seems to be fine. Hispanics don't really celebrate Thanksgiving too much. They're kind of ignorant about the whole giving thanks day. They just think it's a day when Americans and Gringos get together to eat a bunch of food. They're not wrong, they just don't celebrate the specialness of giving thanks on that day. Por que los hispanos dan gracias a Dios cada dia jaja. Well we've had a lot of members invite us over for Thanksgiving so I don't think I'll go hungry that day. Elder Rodgriguez got two things in the mail. Both were wedding invites. One from his trainer, the other from his brother. The one from his brother completely took him by surprise. It was funny to see him open them. At least I won't have to worry about stuff like that for a while. A week or so back we had a General Authority come and give us some trainings/ insight on how we can become a better mission. He put a heavy push for re-activating people. After all finding through members, even the less active ones is the best way to find new people to teach. Not too much stuff to report on this week. I'll be sure to talk more about transfers next week. I'll tell you if I'm getting transfered out of the Carlsbad Zone (doubt it) or if our area gets changed. (plausible/likely) Anyways I'll send some pictures. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Elder Emerick
P.S. Solomente Recibi como 1 correo esta semana. Que paso? jaja
Me, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Romney, Elder Schow, Hermana Andrade, Hermana Adkins, Hermana Frei, Hermana Parker

Ocean Side View of Pier

Ocean Side View

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