Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, November 16, 2015

Same old Same old

Querido Familia,

This past week we had just a normal week in the mission! We had an investigator drop us, so that stank. But we've got some potential this week so as President says, forget the last shot and move on! This week he sent us a particularly good e-mail. He told us that we need to stop worrying about results so much and start focusing on trying our hardest. And then when we try our hardest is when the Savior will do the rest. But if we're focusing mostly on what the turn out will be, then most likely we'll end up being disappointed with not reaching our expectations. So Elder Ramos is being transferred. I know how that feels! It felt like I just got into Escondido, then I got shipped out! I felt like all that work I put into that area, was just going to be reaped by another missionary. HaHa Elder Ellsworth is actually in that area now, he's companion's with Elder Banana. Anyways I got invited back for Lucy's baptism as you saw, and from what Elder Ellsworth told me Gloria is getting baptized in a couple weeks too. So I'll get invited back for that as well! I really did feel sad about leaving Escondido, but I knew that I would be able to go help other people in my next area. So you want a story? Ok, I'll tell you about this one missionary named Elder Stewart. He was Elder Rodriguez's (My current companion) last companion. He is a legend amongst Spanish missionarys for being the most ridiculous Spanish missionary out of all of us. All Spanish missionary's are cooler than your average Elder, but Elder Stewart is a legend. He's 26 yrs old, and he is crazy. He like's to knock doors all the time. He eats anything, and thinks the Jaredites were 8ft tall black people. Anyways this Elder has been an influence on many missionaries, just from being himself. One story is that while he was in Oceanside tracting a person asked him how much money he gets paid for each baptism. He replied by saying 'You want to know how much we get payed!? For each baptism we get payed.......... $0!!!!' Needless to say the man wasn't very happy with him and actually spit on him.  Have a great week!

Elder Emerick  

Old Catholic Mission on Mission Road Ocean Side CA

Pastel de 3 leche's for Elder Rodriguez's 20th Birthday

Oceanside at night

Over looking Oceanside at night holding Spanish version of Book of Mormon

Me and Natalie Vargas

Also just as a side note, my Bishop is Brothers to the guy who was just made President of BYU-Hawaii. Obispo Tanner is my bishop he's a really straight forward guy. You can read the article of his brother being inaugurated on Deseret News.

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