Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Legoland and Fake SNOW

Que hubale familia,

This past week was super eventful. First to start off, last P-Day we lost the keys to our apartment. We spent a good couple hours looking for them but to no avail and had to stay at the YSA's apartment till the morning. They live in the same complex practically behind us. So it was all good, now we both carry copies of the key. Our new district is super cool, we have two new hermanas, Hermana Ross, and Hermana Parris. We all get along great and have fun together, needless to say it'll be a pretty good transfer. Speaking of our district we went to LegoLand today. Yes it is allowed, and yes members gave us tickets. To be honest, it wasn't at all that great, but as a missionary where you get no adrenaline rush or feel normal; it was pretty cool for the first time. I wouldn't pay to go a second time, even after the mission. There just isn't any good rides or stuff that I'm all interested in. There was a part of the park where people could go and play with fake snow, I guess for Californian's it's pretty cool. But it was nice to have the feeling of snow in your hands. Other than that I just got a lot of pictures of structures made out of 10000000 lego blocks. We saw the Christmas devotional last night at the Moreno's house, it was a great meeting with a lot of good music and talks. As far as missionary work goes for us right now, we are still trying to concentrate on finding, and are using the navidad.mormon.org website to share with people and ask referrals from members, in fact we received like 6 referrals from one member. Hopefully something will come out of it. Sharing a Ward with 3 other companionships (4 Companionships in the Ward) makes finding a little tougher, especially when you only teach the hispanic people living in the U.S. Even though there are hispanics, it makes it a little tougher when most of the people you live around are white. jaja I'm not sure when we're going to call yet, it may end up being a little later in the day. Well better get on sharing those pictures. Les quiero!

Elder Emerick

Elder Emerick and an Elder from Switzerland



Elder Rodriguez me and FAKE SNOW

Hermana Frei

Elder Schow

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