Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hasta Oceanside Hola Vista

Hola Familia,
Well from the title you are propbably wondering why that's the title. I got ET'd (Emergencey transferred) to Vista. Pretty much what happened is that me and another Elder that was in Vista, switched. So now he's in Oceanside with Elder Dowda, and I'm here in Vista with Elder... Wockenfuss! It's crazy to be companions with him again, we both now can understand Spanish perfectly, speak it well enough to share our testimonies and chat with members. Now I'm in a Relief Society district meaning that the other companionships in our District are Hermanas. Which is a little bit of a bummer but it's whatever. Our area is very hispanic and maybe one of the most hispanic areas I've covered in my mission which is exciting. We don't have too much going on right now but as I've seen things can change around pretty quickly. We did the ET on Wednesday night and I found out on Tuesday morning that I was leaving so I got to take pictures with some families which was good. Getting transferred to a new area is always cool because you have all these potential blessings that could happen if you work hard and have faith. The Ward is pretty cool, it's definatley all Spanish like Escondido, which I like as well. One of the families here has a kid named Emerith so needless to say when everyone found out my name they were like 'Oh! Like Danny's son!' Danny Perez said I'll be famous here in a few weeks. haha  The missionaries in my District are Me, Elder Wockenfuss, Hermanas Terron, Young, Frei, Robison, and Parris. So yeah it's nothing but sisters. Actual transfers won't happen for another 2 weeks so hopefully Elder Wockenfuss and I get to stay together for a whole transfer. I was actually praying to get sent to Vista next and look what happened, I got ET'd to VISTA. Also another Elder worked on my bike a little and now it's running pretty smooth so I don't think I'll have to worry about it for the rest of my mission which is good. I did have to take out $20 of my account because I got ET'd and it's the end of the month so I didn't have any on my mission card. These things just seem to happen to me where at the end of the month I all of the sudden need money because of something happining. I'm sure though that it will be able to help me out later in life when actual emergencies happen and I need money stored away. I'm driving again, we use a car here for administrative purposes and Elder Wockenfuss can't drive. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for getting my liscense taken care of. I have enjoyed driving again since it's been over 6 months since I've been in the front seat of a car. Well I guess I can start sending pictures. Que pasen una buena semana!
Elder Emerick
Flores family who fed us every Wednesday night

Last picture of old district

Palacios family whom we helped to make Tamales

Goodbye Oceanside

Hello Vista

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