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Jacob Emerick
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is the purpose of this life?

Hola Familia,

This week we didn't teach too much. We did have an unexpected lesson with the Acevedo family and they told us that they would pray about baptism. Also we're teaching someone named Victoria Ortega and hopefully she'll be baptized soon! We haven't found too many new people but we're working with what we have now. We just had a mini district activity hike this morning and then had donuts afterwards. It's cool to go out and do things as a group and not be boring. haha 

Recently I've been pondering about what it is that people serving missions,or special callings,or whatever should be focusing on. Specifically as missionaries I feel that we focus a little too much on the numbers aspect of things. Sure it's good to try to help as many people as we can to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, but when all you focus on is hitting a number goal, or thinking about where is my next baptism going to come from seems a little shallow in my opinion. I believe that what we need to focus most on is being Christ-like. Learning to become like the Savior, after all that is why we're all here. To follow our Savior and become like him. It's just been a little frustrating to me when I talk to other missionaries and they seem to be focusing on the wrong things. They work really hard and are doing their best, but when they are not focused on helping the people come closer to their Savior... One night this week I was thinking about this and got up and just wrote my feelings about all this. We really need to not judge and be self less. Again becoming more like the Savior! This is something that I'm going to be focusing on these next to last couple months of my mission. The missionaries that I have served with that were the most Christ-like were the ones that have made the biggest impact on me personally. I know that as we are becoming more like the Savior that we will see changes in our lives and in the lives of others, especially the ones we are teaching the gospel. Anyways that's something that I have been thinking about recently. Ahora hablare un pequito espanol para mostrarles como voy aprendiendo. El idioma ya va bien para mi. Platicando con la gente, ayudando otros misioneros, todo ha sido un placer para compartir y disfrutar. disculpe se me culgo la computadora! Entonces quisas sera dificil para traducir lo que he dicho porque no hay accentos ni nada. Buena suerte entendiendo lo que dije!  

(Now I'll talk a little Spanish to show them how much I've learned. The language is going well for me. Talking with people, helping other Missionaries, everything has been a pleasure to share. I enjoy it a lot. I apologize for the Quisa's computer it might be difficult to translate as they speak Portugeuse. Good luck understanding what I said! ) I think I did pretty well translating it.

Anyways hopefully in the next coming weeks I'll have a lot more to share about things that are going on.

 I have started writing in my journal again so I'll think of some more stuff to write. I guess one thing that was cool is that we helped this family that makes tamales for a living with service! I just cleaned a lot of pots and it took me forever but it was good work! I think we'll be helping the Polacio family with this service every week this transfer so it should be fun! They really are a cool family. They even invited us over for breakfast this past Saturday. So cool. Well that might wrap it up for me. We get to go to the temple this Wednesday! So excited! Nos vemos y vayan con Dios! Les quiero! ( I'll see you, God speed and I love you ALL)

Elder Emerick

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