Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6,2010 Una semana mas

Hola Familia,
So this week work wise we've been trying to continue to find more people and get people progressing towards baptism. In a pretty well populated area of hispanic people the problem isn't getting new investigators and keeping them. The problem is getting them to actually do something and progress. Unlike Temecula whenever we would cling to any investigator that we could find. Now it's just the opposite, we filter through people all the time. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of the service we did. I actually wasn't doing anything with the hammer I just posed with it and told someone to take a picture. You didn't really think I would use a tool or do manual labor now did you?JAJA But don't worry we had a good time chasing chickens and building up that coop. Ya sabia que Mama fue la unica persona que tenia un Facebook, por eso la dije a anadir las personas que les conte. Chale como que no me entienden? Jaja es broma. So that's cool that things are finally starting to chill down for you all. Things are heating up here big time. I don't know if you've checked the weather but it's freaking hot. Even though there's the little breeze from the ocean that's 20 min away, the sun is still blazing. Better than Temecula but still hot. We finally got money so we can live again. We were suffering for a while but now we have money and can support ourselves again. The members are always willing to feed us we just forget to ask sometimes. I'm going to get a haricut today. Pretty excited about that. As you can see I'm kind of struggling of thinking of things to write cause nothing to special happened. So the Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals? That's crazy! You should get a bunny trap, we've visited a member who had a squirrel trap and a squirrel got trapped in one when we saw it. It looked pretty scared. I don't know if it died but there's a ton of them out here so I think it's all good. You should get another cat. When we were at a lesson with a Part Member Less Active family the member who came with us told about the time he drove through mexico in a van with a bunch of stuff in it, with a California Licence plate. He had to pay off police officers with trail mix because about every hour they were stopping him to try to get something from him. He just kept telling them after awhile that he didn't have money but he could give him some trail mix if he wanted. And it worked!  The Police there and the entire country in general is pretty corrupt. I have come to an understanding of why Hispanics risk their lives to come here and why so many stay. The majority of the illegal citizens here do come here legally like an airport or a legal border cross but then just overstay their visa. They sacrifice so much to try to provide a better life for their families but then their dumb kids get into trouble and make a bad name for their family and culture. It's sad to hear of people saying that we should kick them all out or whatever because they are genuinely good people. Anyways I've just come to a greater understanding on the whole subject and everything. Besides if they'd deport them all, there wouldn't be any work for the Spanish missionaries to do! Jaja Well I'll get to sending some pictures! Que pasen una semana muy buena! Les quiero!

Elder Emerick

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