Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Your inner self

Hola Famila!

This week went fast! We have new zones now and they are Spanish speaking. They divided the mission into 2 Spanish zones and we are in the Spanish north side. My comp is district leader of our district and our district is called the Sky Cannon district. I'm so excited to have all mission meetings in Spanish! This week in Zone meeting President Kendrick was talking about our desires as missionaries, he said about the surface being to Invite people to come unto Christ. Then he said under that there are some other desires as humans we have. He asked me what I would rather do, Go to the Beach and get my tan on or spend a whole day proselyting. I told him Proselyting?? Everyone started laughing including President, then he explained a little bit of his point and then asked me again and of course I said I'd rather be at the beach. HAHA Then he said under that, we have our very deep desires, why we are here serving people,  and being missionaries. He said it is because it's part of the plan, we want to return to our Heavenly Father. It was a really good talk and message for all of us and the mission. We had a good visit with our Recent converts, I opened up to a scripture out of nowhere and it was exactly what he needed. I know that I am being guided by the Holy Ghost. We are teaching Dulce now because the sisters left and she is really progressing towards baptism soon! We had another Elder with us on Tuesday and we all had to go to the bathroom. So As the last person walked out of the bathroom a family came up and told us that they speak Spanish and are less active. The son isn't a member but he wants to learn about God! So we are going to try to meet up with them this week. It was a miracle to meet them. Everyone said that my testimony in Sacrament meeting was really good and they are all impressed with my Spanish. We also have lunches with Jorge once or twice a week and he's an amazing Mexican cook. His tacos are amazing! Well that's about all for now, go ahead and add more from the personal e-mails if you want, Have a good week!

Elder Emerick

 Me and hno Jorge who went to the temple for himself last week for the first time.

AdMe and hno Jorge who went to the temple for himself last week for the first time.d caption

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