Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, August 3, 2015

El Norte, Escondido

 August 3rd, 2015
Hola Familia,

There's an old Spanish song sung by members from the 70's it's from an album called Musica de los Setenta's and it's basically church music and other Spanish music by church members. One song is known as the Escondido song because it sounds like they are singing Escondio in it. But they aren't haha But si pues I'm in Escondido! The El Norte Ward is Massive! It contains all the members in the Escondido stake which includes Escondido and San Marcos. Over 600 members! We bike a lot here. I bought a speedometer for my bike to measure the distance and speed we bike. It's way more flat though so it's alright. haha It's so cool to contact 95% Spanish. No white people! There are 5 companionships in the Ward. The sister split San Marcos and us 6 Elders split up the majority of Esco. Needless to say there's tons of work to do! Be it Less actives, Part member families or just the classic street contacting we meet a ton of new people every day! It's not uncommon to have a ton of success here in Esco. Remember Elder Wockenfuss? Well he's in Temecula now and I'm in his area when we began our missions! We just switched places! I hope I'll get to serve with him sometime. In our district also is Elder Garcia (From Utah but also from Guadalajara) and Elder Banana! (Came in with me, is from New York but also from the Philippines!) Elder Banana speaks English, Tagalog, and now Spanish! No one can hide from him! Our bishops name is Obispo, Adrian Parra (Obispo is bishop in Spanish) We get fed a lot too! Thank you for the letter's everyone! It's great to here from you all! I hope you all have a great week and I'll tell you more about our area next week when I learn it better! Que tengan una Buena semana!

Elder Emerick

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