Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bike Problems and Resolved

August 24,2015
Jacob with Elder Schooff

Alley in Downtown Escondido CA

Elder Emerick and Elder Banana

Elder Emerick with Elder Banana

Hola a Los de mas,

So this week was pretty cool! We didn't have any bike problems! Yay! First time this whole transfer! We think that Elder Schooff just needed a new tire and we haven't had any problems since. Some new stuff is that we're continuing to teach people. We have a few newer people and we're trying to bring more members out with us. Church is great, all the classes are well put together and everyone is so loving. We're thinking that Elder Schooff may be transferred this transfer because he only has two more till he goes home. That means my next companion may be younger than me! It's so wierd I feel like it just started but already I'm coming up on 1/3 of the way done! By Christmas I'll be 1/2 way done! The time really flew and I'm thankful for this opportunity I've had in my areas. One family that we're working a lot with right now is called the Nieto Family. They're son is a member and is attending the YSA Ward. It'll be cool if we can get both of his parents to come to church as well to the Spanish Ward. They're just a little afraid of meeting new people but I think that they'd love it. Everyone is really nice here and humble as well. We're getting fed well too. We're even starting to get invitations when we already have appointments! Double Dinners! It's crazy, I hope I don't get fat. Anyways I'll let you know if any more cool stuff happens! I'll also send more pictures as well next week! I've seen the restored gospel bless so many people, the Holy Ghost really does comfort us and guide us. He's helped me a lot on my mission. Well have a great week! Les quiero!

Elder Emerick
 August 18,2015
Que Honda familia?
That's pronounced Onda, the H is silent. It's means What Up!? So this week we just had a bunch of bike problems with Elder Schooffs bike. Popped tires stink. It just takes up so much time and energy to fix. We didn't have too much new stuff going on this week. We recieved a new part of Escondido that we can prosylyte in now that we got back from the Sisters. They couldn't make it to that part of the city as much as we could. (We live in it but there area doesn't have too much going on so we gave them that part but it's to far for them) The areas in which missionaries proselyte change all the time. I also went on exchanges with Elder Banana! He's from the Philippines and came in when I did. He's from New York as well and went to the Provo MTC. He's awesome! We got so much work done and I hope that we can be companions sometime in the future or alteast serve around each other a lot! Maybe he could teach me Tagalog! Anyways nothing much else is new here. I went to the Erickberto's restaurant with Elder Spencer (English Elder we drive around on P-Day) that Sheena told me to go by. It was pretty good! There's so many places to eat in Escondido and San Marcos. But other than the exchange it was a pretty normal week. Find, Teach, Baptize everyday, all day! My Spanish is better everyday still. I am suprised at how well I understand and express my thoughts as well. I remember when I first started I couldn't really say too much. Hope you guys continue to stay busy as Summer Ends. It's still Hot as Heck down here! Over 100 in Esco pretty much everyday of the Week! Why can't I be in Oceanside? Hopefully that's where I'll go next. Well have a great week everyone!

Elder Emerick

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