Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, August 10, 2015

Good byes and Hellos

Gorge  with Elder Emerick

 August, 10, 2015
Hola Familia,

So you're probably wondering what the subject means. It says 'It's Adults, not Adulterers.' Pretty funny right? Well while I was at Ward council in my new ward for the first time I was explaining how we found our new family investigators. They were a refferall from the Young Single Adult ward Elders. Their member is our new investigators' son. So I explained that their son attends the Young Single Adulterers ward but then after I saw them all laugh I figured out what I had said. I felt silly because I knew what I should've said but nonetheless I still make mistakes all the time haha. Just one experience that I'll remember about learning spanish on my mission. The family that we picked up has a son that goes to the YSA Ward and the family speaks spanish. So enter us and now they are our new invetigators! There names are the Nieto Family. They are super awesome and want to be baptized as well, they just need some help and teaching. They're a little afraid to go to church after the rough experiences they've had with  another religion.  But Elder Schooff and I are excited to have picked up such solid investigators. We helped a member named Martin dig a hole. He needed to find his gas pipe so they can do some excavating on his plumbing. He's another Legendary dude among Spanish missionarys. Remember Julian from Temecula? Well he's the Julian of San Marcos/Escondido. He has a pet turtle named Frijolito that is always the subject of jokes about making him into tacos. They say that turtle meat is nice and tender. I have a feeling I'll have some newer types of tacos here. Tacos de Lengua (Tongue) Tacos de cabeza (Meat from the head of the cow) it'll be interesting. But I'm loving it in Escondido! Can't wait to meet some new people! Have a great week!

Elder Emerick

Elder Emerick with Elder Sedgwick They look so young

Turtle in new area

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