Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Moving along

So the Title says, Dang I'm already going! You know what that means! I'm getting transferred! It was kind of a shock when we got transfer calls on Saturday but I'm leaving! It's super weird because I've only been in Escondido for 2 transfers, but still it'll be cool to go to another place, meet more people and stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Oceanside but we'll see. I'll be sure to tell you next week! Remember Elder Wockenfuss? My CCM companion? Well he's training this transfer! Elder Ellsworth said that'd it be good for him because he's a pretty shy guy and it might help him to start doing some things on his own. By the way that picture of us and the Nietos was Me, Elder Banana, and Elder Schooff, not Elder Ellsworth. But dang it's gonna be sad not seeing the Nieto's anymore. If they invite me back though when she gets baptized I'll be able to come back for that! So let's hope it's soon! Elder Banana is going to take over pretty much half of Escondido, they're taking out a companionship so he's going to cover a lot of area. As far as Lucy goes the person who we got a baptismal date with she might have to wait a little bit. Everything looked good for her to be baptized this weekend but the Ward Mission Leader knows them and want's to make sure that they'll be keeping the commitments to be baptized and stuff like that.I love interviews with President. President only meets with us for regular quarterly interviews, he asks the same exact questions every time. "How's your family? How's your teaching pool? How's your health? How's your testimony? Anything else Elder? Alright your great Elder! Love you." That's how EVERY INTERVIEW is haha So yeah it'll be different but like Julian told me yesterday, 'I'll meet new people and be able to help them out." That's the best way I can put it in English. Well I hope you all have a great week!

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