Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, March 16, 2015

I just believe in Aliens!

Hola Familia,
Como estan? Para mi estoy feliz como una lombriz! Es un dicho en espanol que dice en ingles, pues voy a esperar por usteded buscar que lo significa. Hello everyone, everything including the weather is the same. Bright and sunny practically everyday in the mid 70's. I wear my sunglasses in the car almost everyday. (We are only allowed to wear them in the car.) Well where to begin? I am full ALL THE TIME! I am never hungry. Only before bed is when I have a sandwhich or soemthing but other than that we are fed TOO WELL. In latin culture they will keep putting stuff on YOUR plate until you physically stop them. And if you only eat one platefull, even if it was stuffed with food, they think that you have a small stomach haha. This past week I had a lot of opportunites to eat authentic Mexican food and it was great. Like hardened tortilla shells with beans and salad on top, pozole (Mexican garbonzo bean soup), and all kinds of stuff. We also get Dominican, Costa Rican, Salvadoran, Chilean, all kinds of stuff. We have had members with us out a lot. They are so willing to help the missionaries. As goes our investigators we are still working with a lot of them trying to help them progress. A lot of them won't read, pray, go to church and all that stuff but it takes time and patience sometimes. We were suprised yesterday to visit a boy who just turned 8 this week tell us, Cuando voy a ser bautizado!?!? We were really taken aback because we asked the mom but she said that he wasn't very interested. They are less active but still have testimonies which is important to have when getting back to church. But we set a date and hopefully as we keep visiting them he can get baptized soon! We think that this will help his cousin get baptized as well. So we are still working really  hard to find and teach people.Yesterday we were talking with a RC (recent convert) at church named Julian (You probably remember he's the guy that talks a lot from past e-mails) and we were talking and I metioned Chocolate caliente maybe once but when we went to see him that night he was making us hot chocolate. I said to my companion, 'I didn't tell him to make me hot chocolate!' but anyways we met with his neighbor who's another investigator and while we were in the lesson he tried calling our investigator (he knows and is helping to teach him) then tried to call us, but then he finally came next door to us. He rang the doorbell and my companion opened the door and the first thing he says to us is 'The Pancakes are ready!' which one is wierd because he doesn't know much English, and two because it was really random. But after our lesson we went over had a lesson with him and ate pancakes and  drank hot chocolate. Another thing that happened this week was we had a set appointment with our investigators and a member was coming along with us but they weren't there, turns out he was sick. So we just went contacting the gentleman and we met this lady who just started bashing us. She said she was mad because we believed in more than one heaven and yada yada yada yada, but anyways I did what we are supposed to do, I bore my testimony,  and invited her to pray and left. (Actually she left and just started being rude. She also mentioned that her DAD had a church and that they were better than us and all that. But it is what it is. But like she said her DAD has a church) After that I felt a little upset because she bashed us AND our member who doesn't speak much English but he understands well so that made me a little angry, but after that we went up to a guy who said don't bother I believe in Aliens. But after some discussion we were cracking up because he was actually a funny guy. We didn't leave anything with him but we left a good impression and after we left we could hear him talking to his spouse saying 'I just believe in aliens!' (She believed in God) So all that was pretty funny and hard at the same time,  este es la vida ed un missionero. Well that is a pretty good summary of some interesting stuff this week, so take care everyone! Tenga una buena semana!

Elder Emerick

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