Jacob Emerick

Jacob Emerick
Jacob in Temecula

Monday, March 9, 2015

Service and music

Hola todo mi Familia,

This week went fast! Tons happened this week! Monday we went to see a family that goes to an English ward for dinner but they speak Espanol also. They lived way out in wine country in a little house so we had to travel a ways down some dirt roads to get to them. Tuesday I had an exchange with the district leader and we had a good day. We ate dinner at a member's house and it was huge! Wednesday we helped the people that I talked about before, the person who is a designer for movies and knows people in Disney. She worked on old movies and stuff before as a drawer. But this week her family (they are elderly) went through some tough times so they needed help. We helped out and gave them stuff they needed, it felt good to help someone out who really needed the service. Thursday we went to Chinese buffet with a lady member for dinner, it was so good to have Chinese food again. She was really nice and is a very strong member that has had a lot of stuff happen to her family. Friday we found a new investigator! His name is Andres, turns out he was the first guy I contacted in Spanish. Funny thing is he was just a potential and lived with an investigator but now they both are investigators! It was a month since we've seen him and I first gave him the Libro de Mormon. And he said he's been reading ever since we gave him the book and he is very interested. We were both shocked and surprised, we are going to work to get him to church because he already accepted baptism. We just need to prepare him now and set a date, and continue to teach him because he has a lot to learn! And finally on Saturday we went to see a RC (recent convert) but his friend was sitting outside playing the guitar, my companion plays the guitar so he started playing Un pobre forastero. ( a poor way faring man) I sang along with  him playing the guitar and we ended up teaching him a little and he is now an investigator too. Could you please tell Mrs. Spiri thank you for helping me with choir and everything? We also sang Abide with me tis eventide to a RC (recent convert)  as well and she was crying and said it was bonito. (Yesterday we had dinner with her) But singing has definitely helped me to share the gospel and bring in the spirit to people's lives which I am so grateful for. Well I don't have much more to say so Espero que tenga una buena semana!
(I hope you have a good week)

Elder Emerick


Muchas gracias por su carta, estoy bein aqui en California. Yes everything is fine. We are still almost everyday meeting new people and serving people. This past Wednesday we helped some people who were in desperate need of help. Remember when I told you about the drawer who knows people in Disney? Turns out they were kicked out of their complex so they were left outside there apartment with all their stuff with nothing to eat and really no where to go. They were in the process of moving, but they couldn't get everything out in time. They also have been caught up in the system a lot it seemed like. (Banks,companies, being lied too, fraud) So they have had it pretty rough. So when they told us they really didn't have any money now or food we just had to help them. We helped them pack the rest of their stuff up, fed them some pancakes for food, gave them water, toilet paper, boxes, tape, whatever they needed to help themselves get on their way. We actually called someone in the church to help them find a place to stay or to get work somewhere. They were really grateful for our service and I'm sure they are being helped more right now. We ended up missing a very important appointment with one of our investigators but he was fine and said come by next week. So we have another apt with him. Heavenly Father put us there at that time to help his children, because that is what we are, servants of our Heavenly Father. And like it says in Mosiah 2 when you are in the service of your fellow man, you are in the service of your God. It really strengthened my testimony of service and helping everyone. Because even when you think you have nothing, there are always people who aren't as fortunate as you that need your time and help. I think we all could do a little better with that. That was probably one of the biggest things that happened this week. Our Key indicators (numbers) weren't that good but we did our best and we'll keep on working. We just got back from a members house for Zone activity. Thanks again for your thoughtful letter madre. Me and my companions are getting together very well. I love this branch they are so nice and helpful. Espero que tenga una buena semana! Hasta Luego,
(have a good week, until next week.

Elder Emerick

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